Dentistry for Children

Chandler pediatric dentistThe field of pediatric dentistry focuses on the oral health needs of children from birth through the late teenage years. Children who have a positive experience at the dentist during their formative years grow up understanding the importance of good oral hygiene and preventive care. It is essential that your children know that caring for their baby teeth now is just as important as caring for their permanent teeth later.

Dr. Jason Dulgarian of Smiles Chandler takes a different approach to treating children, including those who have special physical and emotional health needs. He understands that these young patients are not adults and that they need someone to speak to them in their own language. However, he doesn’t talk down to your kids. He just avoids words that might cause fear and uses scaled to size models to explain what he is doing. Dr. Dulgarian and the staff at Smiles Chandler teach young patients exactly how to brush and floss so they can feel proud of a job well done.

Special Dental Procedures for Children

To get kids off to a great start with their oral health, Dr. Dulgarian may recommend one or all of these procedures:

  • Fluoride Treatments: Fluoride contains minerals and other substances that strengthen the teeth in addition to keeping the enamel as healthy as possible. We typically give pediatric patients a fluoride treatment during each routine cleaning appointment.
  • Dental Sealants: Dr. Dulgarian places dental sealants over the surface of the back teeth to prevent bacteria from entering the teeth and causing decay. This procedure is especially critical for children who are around 6 and 12 years of age since this is the time when the first and second sets of molars erupt.
  • Mouth Guards: Children who play any type of sport should always protect their teeth with a mouth guard. This may also be an option for a child who is a chronic thumb-sucker when early damage to the teeth is apparent.

We’re Here to Serve Your Entire Family

Dr. Dulgarian and his staff enjoy working with families who have young children and watching them grow through the years. As a father of five young children himself, Dr. Dulgarian truly cares about the comfort of his young patients. If you’re looking for a dental clinic that offers regular care for every family member, look no further than Smiles Chandler. We encourage you to schedule your child’s first dental appointment by the first birthday to get him or her off to a great start. After that, we should see your child twice a year just as we do for adults.