dentures chandlerWhether you’re missing one tooth, all your natural teeth, or somewhere in between, you may be a good candidate for full or partial dentures. Full dentures consist of a retainer-like appliance for your top and bottom jaws that contain 14 artificial teeth each. Partial dentures may be a removable or non-removable appliance. Dentures offer many benefits, including:

  • Prevents your facial muscles from sagging
  • Gives you a more attractive smile
  • Helps you to speak more clearly
  • Decreases your risk of TMJ
  • Improves your chewing ability and bite strength
  • Stops remaining teeth from shifting towards the spot left open by the extracted teeth

If you’re considering dentures, Dr. Jason Dulgarian of Smiles Chandler will let you know if you’re a good candidate for them after completing an oral examination.

The Process of Receiving Dentures

For your first appointment, Dr. Dulgarian takes an impression of your gums and any teeth you have remaining. He also takes a series of X-rays. This information allows him to customize your treatment plan. Our dental laboratory creates your new dentures and replacement teeth. When they are ready, the scheduler from Smiles Chandler will contact you to request that you come in for an initial fitting.

The natural suctioning power of the roof of your mouth holds your upper dentures in place. Your lower dentures stay put thanks to the efforts of the muscles in your tongue, cheeks, and lips. When you only need partial dentures, Dr. Dulgarian attaches the artificial teeth to an appliance that you can remove from your mouth just like a retainer.

Single-tooth replacement is best achieved with a dental bridge or implant supporting the new denture. The implant option is also available for replacing multiple teeth or all natural teeth for those who don’t care to wear a removable appliance.

Caring for Your Dentures to Increase Longevity

You don’t clean removable dentures the same way you do natural teeth or replacement teeth supported by implants. To clean them, remove each appliance from your mouth and place them in a cup of water. Next, place a denture cleansing tablet in the cup of water and allow the dentures to soak overnight. You can also rinse and lightly brush them throughout the day to remove food particles and other debris.

Most dentures needed to be replaced eventually due to wear, but you can increase the longevity of each set by taking excellent care of them. This includes avoiding overly hard or sticky food that can damage them. Dr. Dulgarian and his staff would be happy to discuss denture care with you in more detail during a consultation at our dental clinic.