Root Canals

root canals chandlerAll teeth contain pulp made up of blood vessels and nerve tissues. Facial trauma, severe tooth decay, and other dental diseases can cause the pulp to become infected. When this happens, you may experience intense pain, facial or neck swelling, and halitosis. You may also notice that the tooth has turned a dark color and that a sac filled with pus has formed on your gum line. These are indications that you need to visit Dr. Jason Dulgarian at Smiles Chandler for an immediate evaluation. You will likely need a root canal, but he will let you know after an oral exam.

You have probably heard of the root canal procedure but may not fully understand what happens during it. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is a relatively painless procedure that cleans the canals inside of the root of your tooth. While it could be an uncomfortable procedure in the past, improvements in anesthesia and general dental technology have eliminated the fear and pain that many people associate with it. In fact, most patients say that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than any other dental procedure.

What to Expect When You Have a Root Canal Performed

Dr. Dulgarian starts the procedure by providing you with a local anesthetic. This numbs the infected tooth and the surrounding gum tissues. After ensuring that you are comfortable, Dr. Dulgarian then removes the infected pulp and cleans your tooth from the inside. Lastly, he places a sealant or dental cap over the tooth to strengthen it and prevent a repeat infection in the future. The minor discomfort of the procedure is well worth it when you consider the benefits you receive from it. In addition to eliminating your throbbing pain, a root canal restores your ability to eat and speak normally again. The procedure also has a high success rate in preventing tooth extraction.

Ignoring the symptoms of an infection to avoid a root canal eventually leads to more serious dental problems. The infection may spread to other teeth or cause one or more teeth to become abscessed. A tooth abscess is an extremely painful condition that causes bone loss in the jaw. Please contact Smiles Chandler immediately if you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms that may indicate your need for a root canal.

We also recommend that you keep your bi-annual preventive care exams. While many people experience pain that lets them know they have an infection, some don’t have any symptoms at all. Your dental check-up gives Dr. Dulgarian the opportunity to detect hidden signs of infection.