Tooth Colored Fillings (Composites)

tooth colored fillings chandlerWhen Dr. Dulgarian diagnoses a cavity, it is important to place filling material on it as soon as possible to preserve the tooth. A dental composite resin is a synthetic material used for adhesive or restorative purposes. Synthetic resins have quickly become the restorative material of choice since they are insoluble and not prone to dehydration like earlier forms of filling material. Most importantly to patients, synthetic resins provide a better aesthetic because they can be closely matched to the shade of their teeth.

Improved safety is another clear advantage of synthetic resin, also known as tooth colored fillings. Although rare, mercury fillings can break down after several years and get into the patient’s saliva and bloodstream. People who feel uncomfortable with this risk have a better option in tooth colored fillings.

Treating Cavities Promptly Restores Teeth and Prevents Future Loss

Dr. Dulgarian and the staff at Smiles Chandler prefer to see a patient have a cavity treated than allow further decay and the possible loss of the tooth in the future. We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our clinic when you first spot tooth decay and to keep your regularly scheduled check-ups. The latter is important because tooth decay sometimes develops between teeth where it is difficult to see. Our special X-ray equipment can spot this decay when people cannot.

We understand that you want to look your best and that you don’t necessarily want others to know about your dental treatment. Dr. Dulgarian takes the time to make sure that the shade of the synthetic filling material matches your other teeth as closely as possible before placing it on your tooth. Having a clear filling preserves your oral health and gives you the ability to smile with confidence.

Other Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

The benefits of clear fillings go beyond cosmetic concerns. Dr. Dulgarian prefers this filling material because it allows him to preserve the structure of your tooth easier than he could with metal fillings. It also makes it possible for him to apply a dental sealant at the same time if you need one. The filling material and the dental sealant offer double protection against additional tooth decay.

Let Us Know if You Have Any Questions

If you would like to see a photo of a tooth colored filling or need a treatment estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide the information you need so you can make the best treatment decision for your oral health.